this is WHY

Entering the third decade of the 21st century, we live in an age where self-examination, connection to wonder, contemplation of the divine is not universally understood as essential to the human experience.  

We aren’t trained to empathize broadly, to suffer gallantly, or trust bravely. We live easier through technologies but we’re disconnected from our souls. We don’t have the language we need to express our deep longings. We don’t have the tools to remain productive in our society and take care of our human essence.  

We don’t know how to rest, reflect, pause, wonder, refresh, find satisfaction in our goodness and accept our petty messiness. We don’t know how to grow our soul in every stage of our life. The idea of taking on this work leaves us stymied and tired.  

We want to connect to grand possibilities. We want to hold our limitations truthfully yet lightly. We want to grow and evolve into fuller versions of ourselves. We would if we could.  

Here is a place to engage the knowing of our souls in personal, life giving ways. Here is a place to do intentional work with an expectation of both grace and growth. 

Here we can learn what it means to be a human Being

       who it is we are Becoming

how it is we are  Beloved…