Meet Sarah


Peace and Welcome.

I am grateful you are here.

I’m Sarah Hollar, an Episcopal Priest, a practical theologian, an advocate for finding God in the daily.

I’m a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend. I preach, I wonder, I save to travel the world. I’m a novice hiker, a nerd patch collector, a Bruce Springsteen fan.  

I love God and God’s people. 

I am fascinated by the connecting points we share.  I believe the essentials of what makes us human are not accidental and the more we understand those qualities, the more we grow into our best selves.  

I believe every human has a soul and that soul is beautiful, strong and made to develop through every stage of our life cycle. I believe just as birds are made to fly and bees to gather honey, we are made to make meaning of our lives and to connect with the source who created all life.   

I believe to be human is to have a love of learning and desire for God. 

I want to travel, converse, guide, laugh, and ponder with others in exploring our human destiny.

Being…Becoming…Beloved is a place I imagined to do that thoughtful life-giving work.

I hope you’ll join me here.