this is WHAT

  • Outside, your 5- year-old self looks up and sees a dragon-shaped cloud and you wonder who made that and does the master artist see and know me?

  • Tuesday night, year one of your first job and you wonder, is this how I’m meant to spend my one life? What makes my heart sing, can I trust my instincts about that?

  • Thirty-nine, financially secure, living a frenetic life with obligations and caring relationships and no time for self-reflection.  Someday, when things slow down, I’ll ponder the bigger questions.

  • No longer young, not yet old, surprised by losses, wondering what is missing, how do I find peace in my life, how do I make peace with myself?

  • Old now by any definition, contemplating, what is my work for this phase of my life?  What do I offer?  What is my legacy?  What’s been left undone, unsaid?  What do I hope awaits me when I leave this realm? 

  • Being…Becoming…Beloved is a spiritual enterprise that examines the essentials of being human and the nature of a present, committed God. 

    It is a place for intentional exploration, refreshment and encouragement. 
    Spiritual Direction, Retreats, Formation Classes, Reflections, building Trellises for Life happen here.