Build Your Trellis

Proven Ancient Practices for a Fuller Life

Introduction to building a personalized 'Rule of Life'

  • Based on Benedictine practices
  • Prayer, Scripture, Service, Wonder, Virtue
  • Spend time 'apart' (even if you stay in place!)
  • Design your own life-giving faith practice
  • Travel deeper into the heart of God and your own essence
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'Who do You Say that I am?'

How to you answer the question Jesus asks of his disciples?

Incorporates Bible study, art, story sharing and journaling

  • What images of Christ resonate with you? (and why?)
  • Which stories of Jesus comfort and which challenge you?
  • How do you understand the way of life Jesus sets before you?
  • How do you want to be in relationship with Jesus Christ at this time in your life?