Growth for Groups

Church Leadership Retreats

For church boards, vestries, sessions, deacons

Seeing church boards as prayerful people, called by God, confirmed by the body to make faith driven decisions for their common life.

  • Foster deep spiritual maturity and growth
  • Create cohesion and heightened commitment
  • Consider life with God before and above a budget or program agenda
  • Time and space for fun, Spirit-led visioning
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Adult Spiritual Formation

Available online classes and sessions for virtual and in-person conferences

Adults go deeper in their thinking when they have opportunities to express their lived experience in response to explicit questions. Data points are presented followed by well facilitated conversations.

Sample Topics:

  • Aging: How God meets us in the human experience of growing older
  • Revisiting Bible stories we thought we knew: Finding surprising meaning for our lives today
  • Study of St. Benedict: How ancient practices have meaning for us today